Sunday Update: St. John’s is Welcoming AND Inviting! :)

Good afternoon!

In case you weren’t able to make it out to the 10:30 service today, I wanted to share something with you all that I found to be very encouraging!

Not only are our summer numbers “up” from our July average (we had 50 people for Church-in-the-Hall today!) but our visitors & newcomers numbers are up as well! We had 6 newcomers/visitors today, and one of them came at the recommendation of a friend, who started coming a few weeks ago at the recommendation of a friend, who was new to us a year ago and has since become one of our most active members! See what a difference inviting just one person can make??? Especially when you’re as good as you all are at making people feel welcome once they arrive!

Way to live up to the name of our Patron Saint (St. John the Evangelist)! Keep spreading the Good News of Jesus, and the life-giving worship & fellowship that exists within our parish community!

Yours in Christ,