The Eucharist

Prayer Poem Meditation on Communion

We still our minds, and draw our hearts so near to yours.
And find that we’re sat with faithful friends, at a meal with open doors.
Your invitation is to all, to come and eat for free.
You’ve paid the bill, your resurrection life, we will receive.
And as I glance around the room I see so many things –
The tears of pain, the smiles of joy,
The hopes, the dreams and fears –
Upon these gathered, young and old, the followers of Christ.
That come to take of bread and wine,
To remember your sacrifice.
And in this moment all is clear from beginning to end,
From your birth in Bethlehem to your death on a cross,
And your resurrection in the Garden of Gethsemane.
We build our lives on yours Jesus.
On a love that never ends.
We carry a promise in our hearts like a gift of peace.
That those who put their trust in you,
In eternity we’ll meet.

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