It is after all about love!
We hear much about the love of God but what do we really believe God’s love is like. Is it the kind of love that says we will love you if you think like us, or if you dress like us, or if you believe like us-if you are just like us?
When I think about the love of God I can’t help but think of my grandmother. For me, when I was growing up, she was the one person in the world who really understood what God’s love was. She mirrored that love in her own life on a daily basis and gram or Mary Maracle really knew how to spread the love of God in many, many ways.
If anyone in the community was in need she was there, even though she didn’t have an abundance to share she always had an abundance of love. She never turned anyone away. If someone needed food she shared what she had, if they needed a place to stay they had that also, if someone needed money, if she had it they did too! I remember someone saying that when she journeyed on her purse was full of IOU’s…generous to a fault?
I never remember my grandmother saying anything bad about anyone…”if you can’t say something good it is better to not say anything at all”…she excepted people for who they were without any expectations other than they be honest with her.
So what do you think God’s love is like? A loving mother, father, aunt or uncle, grandparent? I believe God’s love is like all of these and more. When we hear we are to live in God’s love it goes far beyond anything we can even imagine.
God’s love is unconditional…we are loved by God for who we are and we are called to love others in that same way.
Now is this always easy? Of course not but who ever said life was going to be easy?
It saddens me to think of how many people in the world are not loved or feel unloved when we have so much love to give. To me this should be the easiest task we are called to by God. We can love simply because we were first loved. Loved so much that Jesus died for us that we may have eternal life! There is no love like that of someone who would lay down their lives for us and all we are called to do is love God with all our heart, soul, mind and strength and love our neighbors as ourselves!
Just some ramblings from Canon Val…in God’s love.