Paul and his letter to the Philippians

Well, I was so busy last week, doing what, I’m not exactly sure, but I didn’t get around to posting something from my pen on this blog. However, perhaps that was fortuitous, as the sermons from Sept. 21 and Sept. 28 rather go together as a matched set.

In the sermon for Sept.21.First Paul, I give a summary of a recent book by Marcus Borg and John Dominic Crossan titled The First Paul. In the second sermon for Sept.28.Paul’s letter to Philippi I give an example from their book as they explain the import of the lectionary passage from Philippians. I hope the homilies are clearer than my explanation just now.

Eleanor read from her new novel, Churchland, at the first meeting of Golden Girls last Friday. It was a fun reading, enjoyed by the group. Eleanor read well, imho. People are reading the novel now and say they are enjoying this sometimes humorous look at life in a typical, but fictional, parish. Remember how Oscar Wilde defined fiction: “The good ended happily, and the bad unhappily. That is what fiction means.”

This coming week will see my time at the church office move around a bit. Some of us will attend the Bishop’s Company dinner Monday evening, and on Wednesday, Eleanor and I will be in Toronto to help with care of our grandchildren. That moves my office hours to Thursday and Friday, but morning appointments on both days move my arrival time to 11am. Friday Duval Hospice has a fundraising pasta dinner at 4:30pm, and I hope to stay for that.


Next Sunday we will celebrate the Feast of St. Francis with the Blessing of the Animals, so feel free to bring along your favorite pet(s) and we will offer thanksgiving for the joy and comfort they give to us.


In the meantime, enjoy this wonderfully warm fall weather. The colours are becoming more glorious each day, but the temperature continues summertime. Warm days produce warm memories for cold days ahead.

Shalom. wf



Holy Cross Day

Eleanor and I had a delightful Sunday afternoon, following a delightful morning at church. Some new faces, some old faces newly returned, some ever faithful folks–all welcome anytime. The children seemed to be quite intrigued by my vision of 5 triangles. 2 + 2 can equal 5! An attempt to help them grasp that God is with us always, especially when we are together, in 2s, 3s, 4s, or more.

Eleanor and I ventured across the Rainbow bridge (there was a bit of a wait) to see Niagara Falls, New York. We hadn’t done any prior research so we were rather wandering blind once across the border. We didn’t see an inviting bistro on Pine Avenue for lunch, and then we remembered that about 25 years or so ago, when we walked along the main street of Lewiston, perhaps after visiting Artpark with our children, we said we should come back for lunch one day.

So that’s what we did. We walked the main street of Lewiston again, checking all the eateries that were open, and landed in The Brickyard, the only pub on the street and a very happy, excited place it was, with people watching the Bills game against the Dolphins. Food was good, beer was better and the atmosphere very relaxing. And then we motored home.

The days this week are very pleasant, cool, sunny autumn days. We have enjoyed dividing plants and transplanting them to our new garden along Beamer Street. It’s filling out very nicely.

Parish Council meets this Wednesday evening. Parochial Committee meets with the Diocesan consultant Thursday evening. Volunteer Appreciation this coming Sunday, Sept. 21.

Sunday morning’s homily for Sept.14.Peck’s People of the Lie

Shalom. wf


Welcome BBQ

Last Sunday was very gratifying and enjoyable to have so many people in attendance for the services and the Welcome BBQ. With all those wonderful children too! I enjoy my few moments with them very much. Wouldn’t it be lovely if every Sunday was as busy and bustling?!

Thanks to all who worked to make the festivities happen so successfully, the Parish Council members who set up tables, put out food and utensils, manned the bbq, and cleaned up afterward, the Sunday school teachers and organizers. It’s a lot of work, but many hands make light of work. Thanks to all those who brought food to share–the selections were tasty and healthy!

Have no idea why the sound system would not work at the 8am service but I was relieved that it decided to work for the second service. Thanks again to Sterling for contributing to keep the system working. On Wednesday, I figured out the technical problem and I think all will work correctly this coming Sunday.

Lot of activities are planned for the next few weeks, so mark your calendars: Volunteer Appreciation Sunday on Sept. 21; Eleanor Johnston reading from her new novel, Churchland, at the Golden Girls, open to all parishioners, at 2pm Friday Sept. 26; Big John T-Bone Little entertaining on Sunday afternoon at 3pm of the 28th, followed by another bbq. Lots of reasons to come out and enjoy the parish community of St. John’s, Niagara Falls.

And the parish continues its generosity: all the bills put out were covered by people from both services, and people were still asking for more. Pat was happy to oblige. Approximately $760 was donated toward the monthly bills. Gill reports that all bills are currently paid and we are not using the Line of Credit at the moment. That’s much credit to the people of this church. Let’s keep on keeping on!

Shalom. wf

homily attached here sept.7.passover journey

People of the Covenant

Greetings, all,

   I visited Muriel and Jan in GNGH after services last Sunday; Jan is home now but Muriel is not, although she is hoping to get home today. Both are in good spirits and hope to be worshipping with us again very soon. Continue to pray for their health and restoration. Remember Brenda and her family too in your thoughts and prayers.
   Both services were joyous on Sunday. There were 14 children in attendance at the 10:30 service. Must have had something to do with the return to school this week, a felt need for extra prayers maybe. We pray for all students and teachers as they return to the tyranny of the academic timetable. I hope the children realize the spiritual truth of my object lesson, “the mighty oak from little acorn grows.” God accepts who we are but realizes our inner potential, just as Jesus invited Simon the fisherman to be his disciple, seeing Peter the Rock within him.
    Next Sunday is Welcome Everyone Worship and BBQ. Parish Council will provide drinks and burgers/hot dogs. Please bring a salad or dessert to share with your neighbours. See you then. Bring friends and family.
    Sunday’s homily is here: Aug. 31.People of Covenant  Shalom. wf