Hero is the Servant

Greetings, parishioners of St. John’s,

Last Sunday worship went well, imho. Thanks to Pat Olson for helping me during the children’s focus, and thanks to Howard for celebrating Eucharist. Good to have Howard and Carol back safely from vacation.

Eleanor and I worked diligently Sunday afternoon to prepare for dinner guests, good friends–two couples–whom we spontaneously invited the day before. We had a delightful time laughing and talking, catching up with each other’s lives on the patio. Monday was a much quieter day, our day of rest.

I am pleased to be able to announce the completion of the auditor’s report for 2013. Both the Balance Sheet for 2013 and the auditor’s letter will be included in the upcoming Journal. Next task: clarifying the 2014 financial picture. Gill Tucker is working diligently on this matter and we are hopeful that she will have a written statement of the current finances by parish council meeting in September.

We were all saddened to learn of the sudden death of Brenda TenBroeck on Monday. The service of remembrance for Brenda will be this coming Saturday morning at 10:30 in the church. Such an unexpected event is a reminder to us all to embrace every moment and every loved one: momento mori!

 Sunday’s homily is here: Aug.24.Hero is the Servant  See you this coming Sunday, God willing. Rev. Jody Medicoff will be celebrant at the 10:30 service.

Shalom. wf



Preserve Life

What fun this past Sunday morning with the children, including my three grandchildren: none of the kids wanted to drink the water from that dirty glass, despite my efforts at cleansing it. The wisdom of children! Hopefully they’ll remember the illustration and know the difference between clean on the outside and clean on the inside.

   It was a happy service at 10:30 with the children making quite a joyful noise to the Lord. Also wonderful was the visiting family of nine from the Anglican Church of St. Paul, L’Amoreaux, in the Diocese of Toronto; they stayed for the coffee hour, so it was good to learn of their history. I’m sure we gave them a warm welcome and am confident they will return to worship with us the next time they visit Niagara Falls.

     Walt Cromwell reports that he and Pat Olson delivered the letters to all the businesses on the list drawn up by the parish council, all in one day! As well, Catharine reported that the Parochial Committee has finished its preparatory work on the parish profile, and she informs me today that she has sent all the material to the diocesan consultant, Bob Morrow–five days ahead of schedule! St. John’s is clicking along.

     We are planning worship and events into the fall, including baptisms on Oct. 19. Watch for the September Journal coming out next week for listing of events.
      Shalom. wf


Walking on Water

Greetings, good people of St. John’s, 

    The children’s focus last Sunday, Aug. 10, was great fun, as we acted out the disciples rowing on the lake and Peter walking on the water toward Jesus. The congregation played their roles of wind and waves enthusiastically and right on cue. We learned many spiritual truths from this parable about Jesus and his disciples.
     I was happy to announce that Barry Grant has finished the audit of 2013 successfully and satisfactorily. I am planning to include the year-end balance sheet and the auditor’s letter in the September issue of the Journal and I shall likely post both items on this blog. Barry Grant and Matt Granville have worked overtime to complete this necessary work. My deepest gratitude to them both.
    Response to the ongoing fund-raising efforts has been nothing short of spectacular. The willingness of parishioners to cover monthly bills posted on the first Sunday of each month is encouraging, freeing up monies to go toward our share of the Diocesan Ministry and Mission. We must remember that our contributions to this diocesan fund supports ministry and mission far beyond the walls of St. John’s. It is part of our outreach. Just this week St. John’s received a sizable bequest toward the Endowment Fund. Pat Olson, Walt Cromwell and I will begin canvassing local businesses very soon for donations.
    September is soon upon us and we have many happy occasions planned from Labour Day Sunday through Thanksgiving to Baptism on Oct. 19. We look forward to welcoming parishioners back from vacations and continuing our work together as a worshipping community in Niagara Falls.
     Shalom. wf
ps. Sunday homily here for Aug.10.Walking on water


Feeding Thousands

Greetings, all. Hope the August long weekend was enjoyable for you. It was busy for us, caring for our two grand-girls overnight. Good thing we have children when we are young. It was great, though, to spend time with our little ones and to get to know them better, but we were glad to see the parentals come through the door mid-afternoon!

    And then to top it off, I officiated at a beach wedding Sunday evening. I didn’t get home until 9:30pm–a long day. Monday, I didn’t do much but lie on the sofa and read Robert Galbraith’s latest mystery, The Silkworm. In the morning I did mow the lawn after a bike ride and in the evening I vacuumed part of the house–but not much else. I was pooped!
    But, after a good night’s sleep, I was up and at’em Tuesday morning. I had four appointments that day, three of them personal and all of them pleasant. I have been in the office today, Wednesday, and will be here Thursday afternoon and evening (for a meeting).
    Sunday was Adopt-a-Bill Sunday, and Pat Olson reports that the Total bills taken on 3 August was  $785.74. Well done, generous people of St. John’s. If this keeps up, as Pat says, St. John’s will be able to get a real priest soon.


     Shalom. wf


ps. Homily Aug.3.Feeding 5000.