Creative Resistance

A fun atmosphere at church this past Sunday morning, no doubt because of the gold medal hockey game. We won!
I enjoyed my chance to chat with the young people about their experience of church. We look forward to their active participation in worship services in the near future.
I’m back from retreat which was very inspiring and rewarding. Gave me lots to think about. When I’ve distilled the experience, I’ll try to pass on the essence of it in a homily one Sunday down the road. I’m already looking forward to next year’s retreat.
The Parochial Committee will meet with Terry DeForest this Thursday evening.
Do come out this coming Sunday to celebrate the baptism of two children and to renew your own baptismal vows.
Cheers, all. wf

ps. Sunday’s homily is here and it includes a link to Utube embedded in the text: Creative Resistance



Sermon on the Amount

Greetings, all,
There was a very pleasant, friendly atmosphere during lunch on Sunday before the annual Vestry meeting. It was great to see members from both worship services breaking bread together. We need to do that more often. Fellowship is the glue that holds a church together. Thank you to those who made it all happen–Gloria, Eleanor, Kim, and others, I know.

The Vestry meeting went well under the circumstances. The financial situation is the most pressing issue facing St. John’s, as my homily addressed:  Sermon on the Amount   Thank you to Matt for all his efforts in the past and to Gill who is willing to step up to the Treasurer’s plate. We will get a clear view of matters in the weeks ahead. Thank you for all the positive suggestions. We must be patient, for the problem won’t be answered overnight.

When the books are balanced and the budget for 2014 drafted, we will hold another special Vestry meeting. There is precedence, I understand.

Shalom. wf

Epiphany 5

My daughter Katherine reports that she and her three little girls felt warmly welcomed to the church this past Sunday morning. That’s great to hear, and I thank you for making them feel so at home. They have just recently begun to attend St. John’s Anglican Church, West Toronto, another inclusive, progressive congregation which welcomes children into their midst easily and eagerly. If I understand Katherine correctly, the young ones meet at the back of the sanctuary during the worship service. She is quite comfortable attending with three little ones in tow. Other adults help care for the children while they are there. It takes a village to raise a child.
Here at St. John’s in Niagara Falls, we are so fortunate to have young families with young children. Many churches have none. The congregation is to be commended for inviting children to be seen and heard in its midst. I find it so refreshing and I hope to get to know the children more closely as the weeks go by.
About 40 days and 40 nights to springtime. Warmer weather forecast by week’s end. Hang in there, peoples!

Shalom. wf

ps. Here is the homily from this past Sunday: Feb.9-Rite vs Rights

Another winter storm!

Good morning, good people of St. John’s,

Here we are, another winter storm upon us, but we can be cheered by the forecast of sunshine for the next three days. Dare we hold the weather-callers to their word? I wisely decided to stay home today and work in the home office. At 8:30 there was nothing happening outside, but by 9:30 it was snowing and right now we can’t see very far from our windows. We are huddling by the fireplace. Hope you can do the same.

Most of the goundhogs have predicted more winter, but I think we knew that anyway. It’s going to continue cold, but I don’t think quite as cold as it’s been. Hang in there! February is the short month and Spring IS on its way. We had seven bluebirds and three robins in the tree outside our window this past week. They must know something about changes of seasons.

     I enjoyed the happy buzz last Sunday morning at the 10:30 service. The musical round Val taught the congregation came off perfectly; the parish sings very well together. It was great to have so many children present once again. How fortunate the parish is to have young families about.
     Here is Sunday morning’s homily on The Beatitudes.cwk
      Peace. wf