The People who walked in Darkness

Good morning, parishioners of St. John’s,
The sunshine this morning is a lovely gift, much appreciated, but the wind still blows cold and drifting snow. Oh, well, the days are getting longer and the short month of Feb. is soon upon us. And the weatherman says Saturday will be +3!
It was so joyful to see so many out to the contemporary service last Sunday, especially all the lovely children. Kids’ focus was fun, especially the child who wishes to be a cow when he grows up. I hope he revises his plans before too long. And it was great that so many stayed after the service for coffee and cookies (thanks, Stacey). There was a joyful buzz about the place Sunday morning.
Here is the homily from Epiphany Three. Jan26.people in darkness

I am in the office Wed. & Thurs. this week. Questionnaires are coming in and that’s very gratifying. Keep’em coming.

All bests for the week.  Wayne


Hearing the Voice of God

Greetings, people of St. John’s! Here is the homily from last Sunday morning: Jan.19.Hearing the Voice of God

Good to see so many out for worship, especially so many children. I enjoyed telling Robert Munsch’s story, “Giant, or Waiting for the Thursday Boat,” a great story about love and acceptance.

I am also glad so many stayed for coffee hour after the 10:30 service.

Stay warm this week. The thermometer is way down again. 60 days to go to Springtime!

Cheers, wf

Questions for the parish

Step One of the Interim Process: PARISH QUESTIONS consist of six questions about the current state of worship, fellowship and ministry at St. John’s, as well as thoughts for future ministry and priest. Printed forms will be available at the church on Sunday.

Please return the forms to Rev. Dr. Fraser personally, or to one of the wardens, or to Kim in the church office, by February 2.

Each questionnaire must be signed; unsigned papers will not be included in the summary report. Only Rev. Dr. Wayne Fraser will read these forms and he alone will compile the summary. All questionnaires will be shredded following completion of the parish profile.

Following completion of the forms, Rev. Dr. Fraser will meet with groups and/or individuals to discuss matters further. There will be a congregational meeting near the end of the process and Terry deForest will meet with the parochial committee during the process.

Any questions, just ask. Shalom. wf

Baptism of our Lord

Hello, people of St. John’s, are you enjoying this lovely January thaw? I know I am. We needed this little reprieve from the harsh winter weather. Makes it easier to get to church, at any rate. Hope to see as many of you as possible this coming Sunday. We celebrated the Baptism of our Lord last Sunday, and my homily for that occasion is linked to this message below. Shalom. wf

Jan.12.Baptism of our Lord @Mathew



Greetings, people of St. John’s! The weather promises to let up quite a bit as the week goes by, reaching +10 by Saturday. We certainly need the break of a January thaw. It’s certainly less stressful for me to get to the church if the weather lets me. This past Sunday was delightful as we celebrated Epiphany with the arrival of lots of wise people to the creche. Hope to see many of you this Sunday as we celebrate the Baptism of our Lord. (Epiphany homily attached.) Shalom!

Happy New Year!

Well, greetings, people of St. John’s. My last comment on this blog said I would see you all on the Sunday of Advent 4, but once again, foul weather kept me confined to my home. Amazing weather we’re having. I am certainly grateful to Duncan for being so able and willing to cover the services that morning and I am again amazed at the numbers of you who ventured forth that morning. Intrepid souls! And I hear that there were many out for the service on the first Sunday after Christmas with Howard and Carol and that there was lots of baked meats to eat. Excellent!
Now we are in a new year and we’ll be getting on with the business of the parish in earnest. I certainly hope to be here for Epiphany; the weather forecast looks promising.
The links connect you to my sermons from the Christmas eve services: Christmas Eve-Emmanuel   Christmas Eve-Jesus, the new Moses

Cheers! wf