Homilies for Advent 1 & 2

And for those of you who love reading sermons, the links below will connect you to mine for Advent 1 & 2. Enjoy!

Dec.1-Are we looking for the end of the world or for God.advent1

Dec.8-John to Jesus

Advent 3

Greetings, people of St. John’s! It is a pleasure to be among you for this interim period. I have hit the ground running, preparing, with Kim’s capable leadership, the Advent and Christmas services, and learning as many faces and names as possible. I hope to see as many of you as possible Christmas Eve, and of course in the new year we will have time to get to know each other at a more leisurely pace.

I come to you from an internship in Fort Erie where I never missed a Sunday morning service, but the foul winter weather last weekend kept me from getting to Niagara Falls for the 8am service. And 25 souls made it! Amazing irony!

Click on the link below to read my homily for last Sunday. See you on Advent 4.

Dec.15 The Birth Narratives

Rev. Dr. Wayne Fraser,

Interim Priest